Kokkola 400

It's time to celebrate!

Kokkola 400 years

In 2020, 400 years will have passed since the City of Kokkola was founded. To celebrate the jubilee year, there will be a variety of events and programmes in the city. The upcoming jubilee year is already visible in 2018 and the preparations will intensify in 2019. The celebrations will culminate on September 7, 2020, which is the City’s founding day.

The event calendar can be used to follow the preparations of the City’s qaudricentennial.

The jubilee programme will incorporate ideas and initiatives from associations, communities and individual residents. The city will provide some of the programme as well as coordinate the jubilee programme as a whole.

The city needs your activity and enthusiasm to organize an unforgettable jubilee year. Tell us what you could do or what you could offer Kokkola’s residents in the city's jubilee year 2020.

The jubilee committee will consider all proposals submitted and grant events or products, that describe the City of Kokkola, its past, present or future in the most interesting way, the right to use the Kokkola 400 logo.

We hope that our cooperation proposal will be of interest and that you will participate in the planning and implementation of the celebrations by filling in the form.